Technical Data:

The device will be supplied  with 5 V dc (USB Kabel) or  with batteries  (4 x AA).

The Ozone and Anion Generation will be directly done in a Needle Grid Assembly inside. This Generator is controlled by a microcontroller with Timer and High Voltage Output.


Green  LED ————  2 min on  —- 40 min off

Blue     LED ——-  —— continous—only with external 5 V supply

Excellent low Power consumption less than 0,2 Watt



̃ Reducing bad smells

¨ Shoes and clothes

¨ kitchen

¨ Bath Rooms



̃ Dust and Pollen reduction

¨ Anions activate dust and pollen and remove this from air

̃ Food will be kept longer fresh

¨ Ozone reduces Gems on Fruits, vegetables and meat

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